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Holistic Hiking Tours at the gates of Berlin

Julian Beyer Fagus Tour mit Kids See im Wald, lake in the forest Naturpark Barnim - Barnim Nature Park, nahe Berlin Picknick 2, Lunchtime !








Come and join Julian in Nature and indulge body, mind and soul!

Individual hikes in small groups in the Barnim Nature Park,

only 30 minutes from Berlin Gesundbrunnen Station,

including an organic, regional lunch.

We leave the hustle of the city behind - no matter if young or young at heart, together we want to experience nature in a holistic way.

Body - Hike & Picnic

Mind - Learn & Laugh

Soul - Open your eyes for the miracles of Nature

The Region

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The Barnim Nature Park, north of Berlin, is located in one of the largest forest areas in Germany.

There are so many things to discover, even on a short walk!

Rolling green hills, sunny meadows, dark swamps, crystal clear lakes and deep forests.

Here we marvel at Nature's beauty: Beaver's lodges, the blue shimmer of the Kingfisher and the traces of Elk, Wild Boar and friends.

Our region is close to Berlin but still holds many secrets: Hidden ruins and beautiful places for having a picnic in the wilderness are waiting for you!

Fagus Tour takes you by the hand!

Your Guide

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I (Julian Beyer, 27 years young) live in Eberswalde since 2010 and I am a graduate of “International Forest Ecosystem Management” at the University for Sustainable Development Eberswalde.

After hiking and travelling all over the world, I am always drawn back into the pristine and picturesque landscape of the Barnim Nature Park where I live together with friends and family.

Previous travels led me with motorbike and surfboard through Central America, by foot and hitchhiking over the Alps, through Eastern Europe and Northern Africa, and in a VW-Bus through Canada, California, Australia and New Zealand. Always along the coast on a quest for waves and on the run from the German winter.

My leisure time at home is spent discovering the area, making music with friends, Yoga and making new plans for travelling and adventuring.

I want to enlighten us about the connections between humans and nature, tell stories about the region and its history and enjoy my time with you in nature!

Fagus Tour

Come on a trip you will never forget!

On my holistic guided hikes you can look forward to an all-around carefree package, just a stone's throw from Berlin.

One highlight is the delicious lunch: During a break in the middle of Nature I serve a wealth of regional delicacies from our region - everything ORGANIC, of course! And a freshly brewed coffee afterwards.

Gruppenfoto :)

Following nature's trail we explore the four elements up close. Together we will not only experience the Wild East, but also understand and enjoy it. Having fun is one of the most important parts of a Fagus Tour - laughing will keep us from boring facts and teachings! ;-)

    • Which role do we play in Nature and what does the land tell us at a second glance?
    • How much impact does the beaver have and how much the Organic Agriculture?

Sounds exciting? Just give me a ring or write an E-Mail!

Fagus Tour im Schilf

After a short chat or contact by mail I compose an individual tour for your group. Usually we start mid-morning in the heart of the Barnim Nature Park. You can travel here either by car or by public transport. The way into the wild is shorter than you think!

I pick you up at the arranged meeting point and we will start our Fagus Tour!

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